Our Philosophy



Every child is a gift from God and is worthy of attention and love.

·       Each child is unique and constructs his/her own knowledge from direct interaction with   
        the environment and in social groups.

·       Children are encouraged to wonder, explore, and form relationships that allow them to 
        reach a new level of understanding and development through positive learning and play.

·       We seek to cultivate and nurture holistic development of each child through the provision 
        of quality education and care within a warm, caring, trusting, secure and stimulating 



Our trained, passionate and loving teachers

·       We seek to build children's characters by modelling the Christian values that we uphold.

·       We support our children’s learning journey through constant observation and 
        empowerment. This helps teachers to gain an in-depth understanding of each child
        before creating opportunities for him/her to reach the next level of competency.

·       We encourage children to reflect, inquire and to develop love towards learning.

·       All staff are valued for their unique abilities and recognized for their contribution.

·       We seek to cultivate a homely environment of trust and congeniality for children, parents
        and staff.



Every Parent plays an irreplaceable role in a child’s life.

·       We encourage parents to work hand in hand with us to nurture each child and to
        his/her potential.

·       Mutual respect, trust and understanding between the school and parents are some of the 
        important ingredients in building a successful partnership for the best interest of the

·       This can be made possible only through constant open communication between parents
        and the school.



·       We believe that God has given us the privilege and the responsibility to train up these 
        children in the way He wants them to go.

·       We seek to nurture children with Biblical values and to graduate with a loving heart,
        sharing spirit and a responsible self.